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In the past two weeks I have received two speaking invitations that came with the obligatory pre-conference interview.  The two conversations had something in common that I can’t help but address.  Both organizations had visited our website (www.theembassy.org), took note of our vocabulary, and asked me to define certain key terms.  It made me realize that we need to start a conversation (blog series) about Embassy’s glossary.  We will begin that series this week.  Why would we do this?  One’s working vocabulary reveals one’s values.  A common language is essential if we are going to spark a movement.

“Missional” is the word I have been asked to address most often.  I decided to post my definition here. Coincidentally, I came upon this video in which Jeff Vanderstelt defines “Missional” and he also answers some common questions that surround the word. I decided that he did such a good job of addressing it that I would post the video here and then unpack it in more detail as we begin this blog series.  Check it out the video. It is good stuff!  Here’s the link – The Meaning of Missional

In the next few weeks we will be unpacking the following terms:

Missional,  The Gospel,  The Church,  The Gathering,  The Building,  Redeem,  Missionary,  Disciple,  Missional Community,  The Story of God,  Kingdom,  Gospel Intentionality,  Gospel Fluency

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