In light of the recent discussion regarding domestic violence we deemed it necessary to post an essay that reveals our heart on this matter. After much consideration we concluded that it is wise to have a trusted friend draft an essay that speaks to this issue. Her well-crafted, loving, and experienced language addresses…(Read More)

  In an attempt to nurture “diversity and integration” we have recognized the need to address preconceived notions regarding the Bible. One of the issues that must be addressed is what J. Daniel Hays refers to as “cultural pre-understanding.” We tend to read our cultural norms into the scriptures and, consequently, undermine…(Read More)

  The following is an excerpt from a paper that Pastor Brandon wrote in defense of cross-culturalism. His assertion is that Luke presupposed the integration of the Church while writing the Book of Acts. Acts 1:8, the programmatic verse of the book, clearly presents this agenda and the rest of the…(Read More)

Hospitality is characterized by creating space to welcome strangers and take care for their needs. For those who are in Christ, hospitality is not to be bought and sold; it’s to be given away freely (Matthew 25 and 2nd Kings 4). This is contrary to how hospitality is often framed for us when viewing…(Read More)

  LIVING ON THE HIGH PLACE The Embassy Church just completed a week that we refer to as “The Solemn Assembly.” During this week we commit to commune with God through the reading of God’s word, repentance, fasting, and prayer. Our objective was quite simple. If the church is going…(Read More)

  The Embassy Church is located in East Denver and we hold our worship gatherings at Cole School of Arts & Sciences Academy. Our mission field is located in the 80205 zip code, which is the twelfth most gentrified zip code in the country. In other words, a community that has been predominately African American…(Read More)

  The last week has been both a relief and burden for me. I am relieved that we have finally progressed past the campaign/election season in America. But I am burdened by the manner in which we engaged one another and the reactions to the election results. Part of the U…(Read More)

  As we prepare to facilitate The Embassy Church’s first covenant membership class for our new members I saw fit to post a blog that affirms such an action on our part. By what authority do we call people to enter into covenant as members of the local church? While preparing to…(Read More)

  In our last blog post we visited four questions that we wanted to spend some time unpacking. We asked, 1) What are we doing? (The Mission) 2) Why are we doing it? (The Values) 3) How are we going to get it done? (The Strategies) 4) When do we have a win? (The…(Read More)

  I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the anecdotal tale of a young bride who was preparing her first family dinner. As she was about to put a large roast into the oven to begin baking, her mother stopped her and said “You have to cut three inches off the…(Read More)