The Embassy Church has one core value, “God is Supreme In All Things.”  This value defines and directs the mission of the Church. We grow in our appreciation of this core value by living out a joyful cycle that puts God’s supremacy on display and makes Him famous (Romans 11:36). The cycle has four key points: Biblical Truth, INefficient Discipleship, Kingdom Community, and Missional Living. Because they are routine parts of the disciple’s life, we refer to these points as “Rhythms.”  Below you will find a brief explanation of each; for a more exhaustive discussion of them you may listen to our “Leaders Roundtable Discussion: Intro to The Embassy”.

BIBLICAL TRUTH (1st Tim. 3:16-17) – The Bible is the authoritative word of God and the manual for the believer’s life; it is the foundation upon which the historic Christian Church is built. It should be interpreted literally, and in a manner that affirms the historic Christian faith.

INEFFICIENT DISCIPLESHIP (Matt. 28:18-20) – Discipleship is, by definition, virtuously INefficient in that it cannot be rushed and it will never end.  Discipleship is the eternal process of being conformed to the image of Christ. It is driven by godly relationships, life on life engagement, and intentional mentoring. Effectual discipleship is joyful, gradual, and progressively moving toward being conformed to the image of Christ (2nd Cor. 3:18; Romans 8:29).  For greater depth regarding our use of the word “INefficient,” read our blog post entitled, “Can INefficiency be a virtue?”

KINGDOM COMMUNITY (Acts 2:42-47; Mark 1:15; 1st Peter 2:9) – We affirm kingdom community in two respects. First, the body of Christ is to commune as a family; living as a city within the city growing together in intimacy and accountability. Second, we live with a desire to see the kingdom of God made manifest in the city of Denver. We affirm the “already, but not yet” understanding of the kingdom of God. Christ’s kingdom is present, but it has not arrived in its fullness. The Church is commissioned to affect the city for the sake of the kingdom.

MISSIONAL LIVING (Acts 1:8) – We are called to affirm, defend, and present the Gospel of Christ in a manner that is sincere, passionate, compassionate, and Spirit led.