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  I‚Äôm sure that many of you are familiar with the anecdotal tale of a young bride who was preparing her first family dinner.¬ As she was about to put a large roast into the oven to begin baking, her mother stopped her and said “You have to cut three inches off the…(Read More)

  Recently I had a conversation with a dear friend in which he tried his best to convince me that I should NOT plant a church.¬ He loves me and he knows me well so he came to our conversation with a remarkable grasp of the pertinent statistics and he had clearly systematized his…(Read More)

  The popular idea of leadership presents the picture of a person that is courageous and omni-competent.¬ The leader has no weaknesses and is able to take a group of people on their back and go on to victory.¬ However, both experience and reason undermine such an idea of leadership.¬ There…(Read More)