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Our Vocabulary


  In the past two weeks I have received two speaking invitations that came with the obligatory pre-conference interview. The two conversations had something in common that I can’t help but address. Both organizations had visited our website (, took note of our vocabulary, and asked me to define…(Read More)

  The prioritizing of smaller missional communities is a celebrated distinctive of The Embassy. This in no way undermines the value of our larger gatherings; we recognize the need for the saints to gather for regular corporate worship.[1] The large worship gathering is essential for vision casting, celebration, teaching, and corporate joy…(Read More)

  Currently I am in Tacoma, WA with one of my Embassy teammates, Derrick Kelsey. We are attending a great training gathering known as “Soma School.” We are here to process how they execute missional community and Gospel-centered gatherings because it is similar to what we are striving toward in Denver via a new…(Read More)