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The new year has come and gone. ¬ I bet now you won’t even hear a stranger wish you a “Happy New Year” at the grocery check out line. ¬ Maybe now you think you’ve missed your window to try something new or make a major adjustment in your life because you’ve…(Read More)

Pastor Matt Patrick, of the The Well Church, visited and edified by reminding us that God has bestowed blessing upon us and, after receiving this blessing, we have the pleasure of being a blessing to others. He did it all for the sake of making his name famous throughout the world. “May the nations be…(Read More)

  In an attempt to nurture “diversity and integration” we have recognized the need to address preconceived notions regarding the Bible. ¬ One of the issues that must be addressed is what J. Daniel Hays refers to as “cultural pre-understanding.” ¬ We tend to read our cultural norms into the scriptures and, consequently, undermine…(Read More)

  The following is an excerpt from a paper that Pastor Brandon wrote in defense of cross-culturalism. ¬ His assertion is that Luke presupposed the integration of the Church while writing the Book of Acts. ¬ Acts 1:8, the programmatic verse of the book, clearly presents this agenda and the rest of the…(Read More)