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MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES – We value “Missional Communities” that will be regionally located around the city. These groups will serve to nurture community, mobilize for the sake of mission, progress toward biblical understanding, sharpen one another by way of accountability/encouragement, and celebrate the victories of the discipleship process. Missional Communities are the means by which newcomers and interested visitors can get plugged in.

WORSHIP GATHERING – While we have a philosophy of emphasizing small missional communities, we also celebrate the corporate gathering of believers. Due to Coronavirus restrictions we meet temporarily via Zoom every Sunday at 10am. Click here for the Zoom link. In these gatherings we will worship God by devoting ourselves “to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers.” (Acts 2:42)

KIDS ZONE – Kids Zone is a ministry to children that dedicates the first 10-11 years of childhood to the development deeply rooted discipleship in preparation for the teen-aged years and young adulthood. This will be done by giving them an age appropriate approach to biblical understanding and an appreciation for community and loving accountability. This ministry will be led by a team trained to accommodate the unique needs of younger children and able to communicate biblical concepts to developing, inquisitive minds. Due to Coronavirus restrictions Kids Zone currently meets every Sunday at 11:30 following the adult gathering virtually through Zoom. Email for the link.

SACRED SPACE – Several Sundays a year (typically on the 5th Sundays), in lieu of our regular 10:00 AM worship gathering, we will gather to worship God in the community by doing a Sacred Space outreach event. We will serve our community and, by God’s grace, bring restoration to that which is broken. This is one of the ways we make God famous – showing that all of His creation is sacred space.

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